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The documents below address the questions most frequently asked of the Foundation staff regarding our funds, operations, processes and philanthropic options for donors. While each FAQ is designed to address the needs of a specific audience, we recommend that interested donors, nonprofits and their advisors review all of the documents as questions often overlap audiences depending upon your interests, goals and personal needs.

What is the difference between the Andersons Fund Supporting Organization and the Anderson Foundation?

          The Andersons Fund Supporting Organization (The Fund)

          is a fund at Toledo Community Foundation. Applications are accepted once a year by the April 15th deadline. Non-school capital 
          requests from the Toledo area should be submitted to this Fund.  Questions about the Andersons Fund Supporting Organization can
          be directed to Christine (Chris) Dziad, program officer, Toledo Community Foundation, 419.241.5049 or Chris@toledocf.org.

          The Anderson Foundation
          is a private family foundation. Grant applications for general operating support, program development, capital improvements for High    
          Schools, and all requests from areas outside of the Toledo area in which Andersons does business should be submitted to the 
          Anderson Foundation through Andersons, Inc.  

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