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The Center will again be bringing you high-quality professional development designed with the nonprofit professional in mind. Our half day, full day and two-day courses on a variety of topics will equip you for a successful future. In 2013, we are offering a Certificate in Nonprofit Management. You select any sixty hours from among our core focus workshops over the next two years and upon completion of those hours, you will be awarded The Center for Nonprofit Resources Certificate in Nonprofit Management. These workshops are affordable, informative, entertaining and rewarding. This year's list of workshop options is posted below with more information coming soon.



To register, please use the "Click Here to Register" link for the workshop you are interested in below.  This link will take you to the event page.  Please review all event details prior to completing your registration as all workshop fees are nonrefundable.  Once there, click the "Ticket RSVP" link to complete your transaction.  You can also access the workshops organized by date via our calendar function - click here



Fees are due at the time of registration.  All workshop fees are non-refundable.



Approval for all workshops listed below is pending...



Titles in blue are core courses making up our Certificate in Nonprofit Management series for 2013. Titles in green are additional topics that could also meet the Certificate requirements. Titles in gray are not part of the Certificate program.

If you wish to search our workshops by date, please click here to view our calendar.


Governance as Leadership: The Purpose of the Board and the Board Member

Thursday, February 7, 2013                              9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Sara Best — Aly Sterling Philanthropy, LLC.

Fee: $75   Click here to register

Workshop Description: In today’s challenging climate, a healthy, engaged and responsive board has never been more critical to the sustainability of your organization.  For nonprofits to thrive and grow, a new kind of leadership is required.  This interactive workshop outlines the steps necessary to recruit the right people and the right mindsets to your board table.  In addition, participants will learn the core purpose of the board and the essential responsibilities of the board member to lead effectively in this era.


Managing Up, Managing Down: The Board-Executive Relationship

Thursday, February 21, 2013                                            9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Julia Classen — Aurora Consulting

Fee: $75 Click here to register

Workshop Description: One of the challenges of the board of directors and the executive is to create and maintain a healthy, productive and respectful relationship.  This interactive training addresses the challenges and benefits of this relationship, while looking at tools to evaluate the executive and the board, and tips on how to build and strengthen the relationship.  Participants will have the opportunity to explore what options will best fit their organization and share their promising practices with each other.




Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals

Wednesday, June 6, 2013                  9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Dionne Alexander — Nonprofit Finance Fund

Fee: $75

Workshop Description: Nonprofit Finance Fundamentals provides the basic tools needed for effective financial oversight.  Learn budget, accounting and financial reporting techniques to deal with multiple programs and multiple funding sources, cash flow issues, and the challenge of building reserves.  Master the five key financial functions essential to effective nonprofit financial management: Planning: annual budgets, capital budgets, grant budgets, cash flow projection; Execution: fiscal controls to protect your nonprofit; Recording: accounting system choices and challenges; Reporting: getting and using the financial info you need; Monitoring: determining whether your financial plan is working.


Understanding the 990

Thursday, September 26, 2013                         9am – 12pm (3 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Michelle DeRidder — C.P.A. with Andrews, Hopper, Pavlik PLC.

Fee: $40

Workshop Description: This workshop will break down many key aspects of the new form 990 to help organizations better understand what they mean and how to remain in good standing with the IRS.  A few of the topics that will be covered in this workshop include conflict of interest policies, unrecorded contributions, governance questions and whistleblower polices, document retention policies, the public support test, and much more.


Nonprofit Sustainability: Making Strategic Decisions for Financial Viability
presented by The Agency Directors' Association

Friday, April 19, 2013                        9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Jeanne Bell — Compass Point

Fee: $60 (Special Discounted Rate)

Workshop Description: Too often, efforts to translate business concepts to nonprofit organizations are nothing more than window dressing.  Jeanne Bell presents a fresh approach that “blends financial and impact information…together in an integrated, fused discussion of strategy.”  Starting with the recognition that every nonprofit has a business model; the presenter introduces the Matrix Map, a practical method for mapping a nonprofit business model.  The Matrix Map facilitates the identification and analysis of programs and revenue lines, both in terms of mission impact and financial impact.  Whether a nonprofit is considering Internet donations, foundation grants or earned income, understanding what it takes to succeed is critical.



Reliable Fundraising in Unreliable Times

Friday, March 8, 2013                        9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Kim Klein — Klein and Roth Consulting

Fee: $75

Workshop Description: Nonprofits need to understand that this economy is the "new normal.”  At this workshop, influential social change fundraising consultant and best-selling author Kim Klein shares strategies for creating a resilient fundraising program, including practical strategies to survive and thrive in the short- and long-term.  The workshop is filled with hands-on advice for nonprofits on how to create and expand an individual donor base, time management techniques for fundraisers, how to deal with crises and scandals, and why we need to embrace generational change.

This workshop is brought to you by a generous sponsorship from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Northwest Ohio Chapter


Philanthropy Begins at Home – Developing a Successful System for Board, Staff and Volunteer Giving

Friday, April 26, 2013                        9am – 12pm (3 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Jenny Goldberg — Aly Sterling, Philanthropy, LLC.

Fee: $40

Workshop Description: Philanthropy begins at home with those closest to the organization – the board, staff and volunteers.  Board members tire of receiving ask-after-ask throughout the year (from an annual gift to an event sponsorship), and Executive Directors hesitate to approach their hard-working staff and volunteers with a request to contribute.  Don’t shy away from this critical piece of your development program.  After all, how can we ask the community to invest in the organization when those closest to it haven’t been given the opportunity?  You will leave this interactive workshop with a system to implement successful annual campaigns that can be launched and enhanced year after year, along with the necessary tools to develop a comprehensive annual board and staff giving campaign


Intermediate Grant Writing

Thursday and Friday, June 13 and 14, 2013 (Both days – this is a 12-hour workshop)                                9:00am – 4pm

Presented by: Heather Stombaugh Just Write Solutions

Fee: $125

Workshop Description: This two-day workshop provides targeted assistance to participants.  Bring along one private or corporate proposal from your organization for moderated peer review.  The workshop will cover preparing many important facets of grant proposal writing including Statement of Need, Project Description, Budget, Sustainability and Recognition as well as polishing your final submission, writing to reviewers and handling peer review.


*Grant Writing 101

You will have four opportunities to take this workshop. Choose from  Wednesday, February 6, 2013, Tuesday, May 7, 2013, Saturday, August 24, 2013 and Thursday, November 7, 2013. Workshop times are 9:30-11:30 unless otherwise noted.

Presented by: Linda Koss, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library & Mary Sobecki, Needmor Fund

Fee: $0   Click here to register

Workshop Description: The basis for successful grant writing is knowing where to find grant money and writing an effective proposal.  In this workshop, we will examine different types of funders, resources available to you to find these funders, and specific grant opportunities.  We will then talk about the different sections of the grant proposal and how to write each section.  This is an introductory grant writing course.  It is open to those individuals who have little or no grant writing experience or those individuals who are looking to make their grant writing more successful.  Materials in this workshop are geared to individuals with limited or no grant writing experience.

* Grant Writing 101 Workshops cover identical content; they are not continuations of the previous workshop.This workshop is not eligible toward the Certificate in Nonprofit Management.



Human Resources – When an HR Department is not in the budget

Thursday, September 19, 2013                         9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Heather Bradley — The Flourishing Company

Fee: $75

Workshop Description: To do well in any setting, we must first understand ourselves, others in our community and the community itself. To flourish, we must  manage the complex relationships that exist in a work environment.  Join Heather Bradley as she gets you involved with  tools and resources to help you manage the practical day to day matters of the people you work with, whether they be part-time or full-time employees or those very critical volunteers.


Adaptive Leadership

Thursday, October 18, 2013                             9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Julia Classen — Aurora Consulting

Fee: $75

Workshop Description: Today’s nonprofit managers are called to lead in turbulent environments with multiple challenges.  With current economic times and budget pressures, more than ever it is critical for nonprofit leaders to analyze their work and strengthen their capacity to provide increased efficiencies and innovative approaches to solving organizational challenges.  This tailor-made training is grounded in relevant research, practical knowledge, innovative ideas, revealing case studies and hands-on solutions.



Community-Driven Planning: Creating a Social Media Strategy

May 8, 2013                         9am – 12pm (3 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Amy Sample Ward — NTEN & NPTech

Fee: $40

Workshop Description: This workshop starts with the real foundation of social media engagement: community and content.  Understanding your audience and the kinds of content you want to create and share will help you build engaging and valuable social media channels.  Through this training, participants will work independently and in small groups to develop and share project plans for using social media to engage supporters.  These plans provide a starting point that participants can put into action immediately and build upon for larger projects and plans in the organization.


Becoming a Networked Nonprofit

Friday, October 25, 2013                   9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by:  Beth Kanter — Visiting Scholar: Nonprofits and Social Media at David and Lucile Packard Foundation

Fee: $75

Workshop Description:  Following your participation in this workshop, you will understand what a Networked Nonprofit is and why it is important to become one in order to implement your social media strategy effectively.  You will learn the basic steps and frameworks for creating a social media strategy that supports a program or a communications goal.  In this interactive workshop, participants will identify a couple of basic starter steps for using social media. 


Share Your Message on a Shoestring: Marketing, PR & Media Relations for Nonprofits

Friday, November 15, 2013                               9am – 12pm (3 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Laura Edwards — Senior Director of Development, Purdue University

Fee: $40

Workshop Description: If you are new to marketing and promotions, are a board member or volunteer for your nonprofit organization, or just need to refresh your skills in the communications sector, this session is for you.  Presenter Laura Edwards, will present tried and true methods to help bring your organization’s marketing and public relations efforts into sync at the most basic level.  You will examine tactics for creating marketing plans, how to properly construct and distribute press releases and public service announcements, discuss meaningful media relations and how to maintain them, and touch on how social networking such as Facebook, Twitter and blogs are changing how nonprofits communicate now and in the future. 



Calculating True Program Costs - Cost Allocation

Friday, March 1, 2013                        9am – 12pm (3 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Dionne Alexander — Nonprofit Finance Fund 

Fee: $40

Workshop Description: Are you being asked to serve more people with fewer resources?  Do you want your program to stand out more to funders, partners and clients?  In this training we will cover the key elements of program planning including connecting the program to a clearly defined need and to your mission.  Logic models will be explored as a tool for program design, development and implementation.  You will come away from this training with an increased understanding of why what you do works, concrete tools and processes to strengthen your work with clients.


Outcome Measurement and Program Evaluation

Wednesday, May 1, 2013                  9am – 4pm (6 hours toward the Certificate)

Presented by: Jacob Burgoon — Director of Evaluation, NWO at Bowling Green State University

Fee: $75

Workshop Description:
In this highly interactive session, you will learn how program evaluation can help improve your organization’s activities and services, maximize your resources, and support long-term planning. You will learn how to use a logic model to organize your evaluation efforts, and how to write meaningful objectives for your programs and activities.  You will also learn how to develop meaningful and practical measures to evaluate your programs, analyze your evaluation data, communicate about your organization’s impact to internal and external stakeholders, and avoid common evaluation pitfalls.  The activities during the workshop will allow you to start thinking about and planning your own program evaluations.  At the end of the day, you will walk out of the workshop with the knowledge and skills you need to effectively evaluate your programs and stay focused on what really matters.



Coming soon!



In 2013, we are offering a Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

In order to earn your Certificate, you must complete any sixty hours of core courses from among the workshops offered by the Center in the calendar years 2013 and 2014. You simply register and pay for any of those classes you would like to attend, which The Center offers and The Center will keep track of the workshop hours you attend for the year. At the end of 2013, if you have attended sixty hours of workshop classes, a certificate will be mailed to you. If you haven't yet reached sixty hours, the 2013 hours will carry over into 2014. Once you have attended sixty hours total, a certificate will be mailed to you from the Center.

Only courses designated as applicable for the Certificate will count toward the sixty hours. That does not include Grantwriting 101 but does include Intermediate Grant Writing. To let us know that you are working toward a certificate, please contact Michelle@c4npr.org. The only information we require is your first and last name and contact information. There are  no additional fees charged for the Certificate. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Klinger at 419-241-9513.

These workshops are affordable, informative, entertaining and rewarding. This is a wonderful way to advance your understanding of nonprofits, add to your resume and learn valuable information you can implement immediately following each presentation to improve your organization and maximize success.

Coffee, tea and breakfast pastries are being provided by Georgette’s Grounds and Giftsat 311 Conant Street, Maumee. Georgette’s is owned and operated by Sunshine, a nonprofit agency that serves people with developmental disabilities in Northwest Ohio. The coffee shop and fair trade gift shop also provide employment opportunities and job training to individuals with disabilities.


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