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TOLEDO, OHIO, September 23, 2019 – The Center for Nonprofit Resources and Greater Toledo Community Foundation today published a White Paper that presents a data-driven method to measure and understand our local nonprofit landscape. This data is being made available to assist those interested in making charitable gifts in making decisions on how to invest their donations to address community issues and challenges.

In 2018, The Center for Nonprofit Resources (The Center) launched an initiative to understand the nonprofit landscape in northwest Ohio. “Our goal was to shift the conversation about the local nonprofit community from anecdotal to data-driven discussions,” says Heather Bradley, Director of The Center. “Our findings are summarized in a White Paper published today by the Toledo Community Foundation. We are excited to offer a reliable, data-driven method to measure and understand our local nonprofit landscape. A profile was developed containing a set of 10 key indicators (i.e., number of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations, total revenue, total contributions, etc.) which can be monitored annually for changes and to identify trends. An additional profile with an expanded set of 16 key indicators was developed to understand the community investment in a specific opportunity or challenge within a sub-sector. The sub-sector profile was tested with the group of nonprofits supporting the prevention of animal abuse and neglect. The White Paper also includes two community-based case studies demonstrating the application of the sub-sector analysis methodology. While not the goal of the initiative, other communities can use the methodology to understand their local nonprofit landscape.”

Keith Burwell, president of Greater Toledo Community Foundation, continued “This data is of great interest to funders. They are always looking for the smartest ways to invest their money to solve community issues. We are excited to offer a reliable, data-driven method to measure, monitor and understand the local nonprofit landscape.”

Among the findings, The Center reports that, as of December 31, 2018 in Greater Toledo, there were 3,472 charitable organizations holding 501(c)(3) status with reported combined contributions of $850 million. In 2018, 156 new charitable organizations were awarded 501(c)(3) status.

The report is available at

About The Center for Nonprofit Resources

Greater Toledo Community Foundation initiated The Center for Nonprofit Resources in 2003 to improve capacity building for area nonprofits. The work of The Center includes an information and resource center, high quality professional development with certificate programs and one-on-one short-term consulting for nonprofit agencies in our region, as well as providing assistance for grant programs around strategic alliances to support nonprofit sustainability.

For further information about The Center or this White Paper, please contact Heather Bradley, Director, The Center for Nonprofit Resources, 300 Madison Ave., Suite 1300, Toledo, OH 43604, phone: 419.241.9513, email, or visit

Greater Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. is a public charitable organization created by citizens of our community to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families in our area. In existence since 1973, the Foundation has more than 860 funds with assets of approximately $300 million. The Foundation provides philanthropic services for individuals, families, businesses and corporations to meet their charitable giving needs. For more information about Greater Toledo Community Foundation, visit or follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


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