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"Our efforts as they relate to equity and access for marginalized groups in northwest Ohio are being more formalized, and will continue to support the Foundation's ongoing mission of creating a better community and achieving sustainable prosperity for all people across our region." - Keith Burwell, President

This Initiative will continue through 2024 with funding in the amount of $100,000 per year, bringing the Foundation's investment in Equity & Access up to $600,000 over five years.

Funding Opportunity

The Foundation will award grants that address four focus areas to nonprofit organizations which are located in and providing services for residents of northwest Ohio. Click here to apply.

  • Advocacy    
  • Economic Development
  • Employment
  • Nonprofit Capacity

Priority will be given to proposals that:

  • Support collaboration among organizations;
  • Incorporate grassroot associations; and/or
  • Incorporate minority-led nonprofits.


Seeking funding for a new or existing program that aligns with the focus of the fund? 
Not sure if you have the right criteria to apply?

And call us! That’s what we’re here for. If we don’t know what your ideas and needs are, we can’t help you. Let’s start with a conversation. 419-241-5049.

How to Apply for Equity & Access Initiative Funds

All nonprofit organizations, from small capacity nonprofits, grassroots associations and established nonprofits, are encouraged to apply for funding for new and existing projects that align with the focus of the fund.

Provided here is a short presentation and Q&A with Artisha Lawson, Program Officer.

Provided here is a 12-minute tutorial on how to complete the GTCF application for the Equity & Access Initiative Fund.

If you're ready to start your application, click here.

A timeline for the application process is provided below.

  • Application opens May 2
  • Application deadline is July 2
  • Equity & Access Advisory Committee reviews submitted applications and presents funding recommendations
  • GTCF Grants & Distribution Committee reviews submitted recommendations
  • GTCF Board approves final funding recommendations
  • Equity & Access grantees notified in October

Equity & Access Resource Links - Fund Related Definitions, Terms and Links

Below are some resources to assist with further research. These links provide background on the type of organizations and programs GTCF would consider for funding. The list is not exhaustive and the definitions provided within are not necessarily endorsed by the Foundation. This is provided simply as a launching point for organizations and individuals interested in learning more about equity and access.

Other Resources Available:


What is a 501(c)(3) and how to clarify status

How to incorporate a nonprofit

Link to existing Foundation resources

Grants Awarded to Date

Greater Toledo Community Foundation has invested a total of $551,160
through the community-driven Equity & Access Initiative

An independent committee comprised of current GTCF board members and community-minded individuals is working to develop a long-term strategy that will proactively address social determinants of health and nonprofit capacity.

Community Members
Pariss Coleman
Lisa Hawker
John Jones
Kay Jones
Judge C. Allen McConnell
Doni Miller
Desmond Strooh
Craig Teamer

GTCF Board Members
Meg Ressner

Assigned GTCF Staff
Artisha Lawson,
Program Officer

Learn more about Greater Toledo Community Foundation here.

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