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The Board of Trustees of Greater Toledo Community Foundation recently approved $18,000 in grants from the Bill Rowles Youth Foundation Fund to eight area nonprofit organizations. Grants from the Bill Rowles Youth Foundation Fund are made to nonprofit organizations to support programs in northwest Ohio that enhance the lives of young people under the age of 21.

Grants were awarded to:

  • Bittersweet Farms - $2,000 to support the Pemberville Recreational Respite program for youth with autism.
  • Courageous Community Services - $2,000 to support the Courageous Acres Peer Buddy Summer Camp program offered in partnership with Toledo Grows and Nature's Nursery.
  • Children’s Resource Center - $2,000 to purchase drug testing strips to help assess the treatment needs of youth expelled from school or involved with the juvenile court system.
  • GreaterGenerations - $2,000 to support a youth work experience program, primarily for high-risk youth.
  • Imagination Station - $2,000 to support the Family Reunification Project, which provides Lucas County families with court ordered supervised visit time, parental education and science center experiences as a means to help them to successfully reunify.
  • Monroe Street Neighborhood Center - $3,000 to support the 2023 Freedom School, a summer reading and enrichment program that incorporates a multi-cultural curriculum for youth ages 5-14.
  • Mountain Mentors - $2,000 to support a mentoring program for at-risk teens that culminates with a week-long backpacking trip in New Hampshire.
  • The Program, Inc. - $3,000 to support a leadership and empowerment program for boys residing in homes without fathers.

For more details on the history and priorities of the Rowles Youth Foundation Fund please click here to see a story from the Foundation's Summer 2019 newsletter.

Below is a snapshot showing the impact of grant-funded projects that were completed in 2022.

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