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A Guide To Scholarship Search Services, Admissions and Financial Aid Information

There are literally thousands of scholarships that can be accessed through publications and the World Wide Web. Here, you will find several free scholarship search services, admissions and financial aid information, and publications/pamphlets you can access by mail or the World Wide Web.

Greater Toledo Community Foundation does not administer these sites and assumes no liability for information obtained from them; they are simply listed for your information. For additional information pertaining to scholarships, grants and loans, contact your local library.  The Toledo-Lucas County Public Library has numerous resources pertaining to scholarship searches. You can find some of the best free scholarship search sites on the Web, easily linked from the Library's college page at For more information about scholarships and grants, you can call Mary Plews at the Library, 419.418.2252.

How Scholarship Searches Work

Your potential eligibility for an award is determined by a match between a profile you create and the criteria established by the sponsor of the award. A typical example of a profile includes: hobbies, major area of study, community activities, job duties, memberships, GPA, awards, etc. Scholarship searches calculate only your potential eligibility for an award. You will probably receive some type of a listing that will reflect scholarships that match your profile. Once you receive this information, it is up to you to write to the sponsor in order to apply for an award.  Persistence and follow-up are key ingredients of a successful search.

Free Scholarship Search Services, Admissions and Financial Aid Information

  • About: College Admissions: U.S. offers a wide variety of links to help students locate scholarship opportunities for minorities. Visit 
  • ACT Test information, including test dates, test preparation and test registration, can be found at
  • Back to School offers many links to scholarship help, including financial aid for adults returning to college. Visit their website at
  • Cappex: - here you can uncover millions of dollars in scholarships from colleges, universities, private companies, foundations -- and more -- to help pay for school. Simply fill out a free profile to discover which ones match you best.
  • College Board can help you locate scholarships, loans and internships from non-college sources. They have a database of over 2,300 undergraduate scholarships. You can get additional information, including SAT test dates, from their website at
  • The College Grants Database will help you make sense of college grants, loans and scholarships.  Visit
  • College is Possible is a site that includes a section devoted to helping working adults who want to return to school; also has information on how to pay for college and tips on budgeting. Visit
  • CollegeNET MACH 25 is a free scholarship search on the Web. You can access specific scholarship information related to your field of study. Mach25 database contains over 600,000 awards totaling over $1.6 billion. For additional information, visit their website at
  • College Scholarships In addition to a page with links to 10 different free scholarship search engines, this site offers an online directory of college admission and financial aid offices and links to college homepages. Visit their website at
  • College Tool Kit is a scholarship search site that helps students find scholarships and apply for them online. Visit their website at
  • Common Application – or – will save you time by gaining access to one common application form that is accepted by many colleges or universities. Schools accepting the common application form are listed on the site.
  • Edudemic offers information about Affordable Online Colleges in America at  Edudemic ranked over 180 online colleges based on student value, price, and reputation. This ranking provides you with information about the most affordable colleges online out there today.  Edudemic first assessed the schools using a complex group of variables, then stack ranked them, and eventually determined objective measurements of how far a dollar takes you at each one. The end result pointed them toward the colleges that had the best balance of low tuition and stellar performance metrics.
  • FAFSA Information is available at To qualify for federal financial aid (Pell grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG), loans, work study) you must file a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” In addition, many college and independent scholarships require the “Student Aid Report,” or SAR, generated by this application as documentation of financial need.
  • FastWEB (Financial Aid Search Through the WEB) is the Internet’s leading scholarship search service and helps students make the decisions that shape their lives. FastWEB allows you to create a personalized profile that can be matched against an expansive database of over 1.3 million scholarships worth over $3 billion. FastWEB also notifies students when new scholarships are added and application deadlines are approaching. Visit them at
  • FinAid To help students avoid wasting money on scholarship search services, the Financial Aid Information Page provides a comprehensive and free resource for financial aid on the World Wide Web. This general financial aid page is a great starting point for your web search. It is well organized, with lots of good links. The address of this page is
  • GoCollege is now a complete free database featuring over 800,000 awards totaling over $2.8 billion in scholarship aid. Visit their website at
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF) is at The website of the HSF, the nation’s leading organization supporting Hispanic higher education, includes information on many different scholarship opportunities.
  • MI-SEARCH is an information service that guides students through the scholarship search process. These scholarships consist of privately sponsored scholarships and scholarships offered by various colleges. The specific listings can be found by using their website at From this site, a link is provided to two national scholarship database services. By using either service, a Michigan student will receive information about specific scholarships and national scholarships listed in the database that match the student’s profile information.
  • Ohio Board of Regents' State Grants & Scholarships administers a variety of grant and scholarship programs to aid students as they pursue higher education. This site provides information on grants and scholarships funded by the State of Ohio and provides links to other sources of financial aid.
  • Peterson’s College Quest makes it quick and easy to find the right scholarships for you with a database of nearly $8 billion worth of scholarships. Visit their website at for more information.
  • The Princeton Review has up-to-date, valid scholarships and they don’t sell their user’s names to anyone. A general overview of the college application process is included on this site. In addition, it provides a section devoted to graduate school admissions. Visit their website at for additional information.
  • Scholarship has a database of 3,000 sources worth up to $3 billion worth of scholarships. Their mission is to help parents and students become aware of available college scholarships and assist them in obtaining funds for college.’s goal is to enhance the opportunity to obtain educational funds by providing practical tools, information, and resources. Visit their website at
  • Student Awards at is a service that will match students to a variety of available scholarships and other cash awards.
  • Study Abroad at is for high school, college, graduate school and adult learning.
  • Technical-Schools-Guide is a free resource covering all of the technical schools and programs in the U.S.  You'll find career guides and resources to help you discover career paths that match your skill sets and life goals at
  • Greater Toledo Community Foundation offers numerous scholarships to local students (northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan) at
  • United Negro College Fund at provides information on assistance for African American students.
  • USCollegeSearch is a free resource covering all the colleges and program offerings in the U.S. You'll find occupational guides, financial aid resources and FAQ's on all of the different programs at
  • Dept. of Education Office of Postsecondary Education at will help you decide which school is right for you and what your best loan options are. A list of scholarships is also available, including free matching options. This site also provides a detailed overview of government student aid programs.

Greater Toledo Community Foundation hopes that you have found this Guide to be a useful tool as you begin your search for higher education. We encourage you to seek the help of your high school guidance counselor(s) and college financial aid offices for other options that may not have been listed in this Guide.

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