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Clyde and Marian Sluhan’s six grandchildren grew up hearing stories of how their grandparents worked hard to survive the depression and start a business.

Their grandfather was raised in an orphanage and was the first child from the agency to go to college and graduate.  After he married and while he was working full time, he tinkered in a summer kitchen developing metalworking fluids.

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Once he had a product he felt could be marketed, the Sluhans moved to Toledo and established Master Chemical Corporation in 1951. Today the fluid products firm has offices, laboratories and production facilities in Perrysburg, China, India and England.

To honor the courage, conviction and integrity of their grandparents, the six grandchildren established the Clyde and Marian Sluhan Memorial Fund at the Toledo Community Foundation.

The cousins serve on Master Chemical Corporation’s Board of Directors and each donates their director’s compensation to the fund. They also make individual contributions to the memorial fund. Hoping to fuel future discoveries, a portion of the grants from the fund will be awarded to high school students pursuing degrees in science or engineering.

The cousins feel their grandparents would be proud of their philanthropy and satisfied they learned the lesson of giving.

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