Legacy Society Members

The individuals and families listed here have chosen to benefit our community through the Greater Toledo Community Foundation Legacy Society.

Anonymous (33 donors)

Karen Ardner
     Grace & Wally Ardner Scholarship Fund
     Karen Ardner Fund

Ashraf F. & Rita W. Banoub
      Ashraf & Rita Banoub Charitable Fund

Charles J.* & Kathleen M. Baum
     Charles J. & Kathleen M. Baum Family Fund

Bob Beach & Pam Howell-Beach
     Pam Howell-Beach Fund

Virginia G. Belt*
    William A. & Virginia G. Belt Fund for the Arts

Rhoda L. & Roger M. Berkowitz
     Fordham Fund

Jamie & Ellen Black
     Jamie & Ellen Black Fund

Robert* & Nora Blair
     Robert A. & Nora A. Blair Fund

Charmaine & John Blaylock
     Charmaine & John Blaylock Foundation 

Ed* & Doreen Bomeli
     Wood Lane Foundation, Inc. Fund of the Bowling Green Community Foundation

Konni Bostleman
     Konni Bostleman Fund

Thomas W. Brell
     Joanne Seidel Brell Fund

Mr.* & Mrs. James L. Brown
     Jim & Judy Brown Family Donor Advised Growth Fund

Rick & Ginger Brown
     R. Marshall Brown Fund

Robert B. & Sarah S.* Brown
     Robert B. & Sarah S. Brown Fund

Virginia Bruns*
    Virginia Louise Bruns Fund

Deborah A. Budd
     Deborah A. Budd Charitable Fund

Lois E. Burgoon
     Learn to Give Fund

Roy & Shelli Burgoon
     Learn to Give Fund

Joseph Carron & Sally Marti
     Carron-Marti Fund

Richard* & Ann* Carter
     Richard & Ann Carter Fund of the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation

Stephen P. & Elizabeth L. Ciucci
     Stephen P. & Elizabeth L. Ciucci Family Charitable Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conda
     Joseph & Judith Conda Family Fund

Dee & Jack Conine
     Dee & Jack Conine Community Fund

Ms. Christine A. Coultrip
     Christine Coultrip Fund

Brent & Pamela Cousino

Mr. E. Ford Crider
     The Gladys & E. Ford Crider Memorial Fund

Eleanor C. Davies*

Deborah A. Dom
     Deborah A. Dom Fund

Barbara* & Eugene* Donkel
    E. W. “Gene” & Barbara Donkel Fund

James & Susan Dunn
    DeVilbiss Alumni Scholarship Fund

George J., Mary A. & Lesley P. Eistetter
    George J., Mary A. & Lesley P. Eistetter Fund

David* & Mary Jane Elsass*
    The Jane Elsass Barman Memorial Fund of the Bowling Green Community Foundation
    The Elsass Family Fund of the Bowling Green Community Foundation

Mr.* & Mrs. Anthony J. Falzone
     Anthony J. Falzone Family Fund

Pam & Jim Fletcher
     Pam & Jim Fletcher Fund

Robert L. Fondessy*
     Robert L. Fondessy Family Fund

Mr.* & Mrs.* Darrell H. Fox
     Mr. & Mrs. Darrell H. Fox Fund II

Marilyn Fox
     The Mazie Foundation II Fund

James W.* & Linda L. Geary
    James W. Geary & Linda L. Geary Endowment Fund for Upper Sandusky Parks and Urban Forestry

Richard C. & Barbara R. Glowacki
    Richard & Barbara Glowacki Scholarship Fund

Charles & Jean Gottfried
     Charles & Jean Gottfried Fund of the Wyandot County Community Foundation 
     Charles & Jean Gottfried Scholarship Fund of the Wyandot County Community Foundation

Michael K. Grames
     Grames Family Scholarship Fund

Kathleen* & Theodore* Harbaugh
     Grace Community Center Fund

Ms. Carole A. Harrison*
     Carole Ann Harrison Charitable Fund

Jeanie Bugert Hayward
      Jeanie Bugert Hayward Fund

Rick & Judy Heidebrink
     Richard L. & Judith L. Heidebrink Fund

Ms. Pamela S. Hershberger
     Pamela S. Hershberger Fund

Mr.* & Mrs. Paul F. Heymann
     Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Heymann Fund

Charles K. & Sandra L. Heyneman
     Heyneman Fund

Edward L. Hoffman
     Holiday with Heart Fund

Lynn M. Hoover
     Lynn M. Hoover/McKenna Family Fund

William R. Hylan
      William R. Hylan Fund III
      William R. Hylan Scholarship Fund
Clara E. Moody Jackson
     Clara E. Jackson Fund

Kiriyanthan A. Jacob
     Kiriyanthan A. Jacob Fund

Thresiamma Jacob
     Thresiamma Jacob Fund

Patricia K. Jarzabski
     Jarzabski Family Fund

Don & Marcia Jess
     The Red Barn Fund of the Ottawa County Community Foundation

Dennis & Sheila Johnson
    Dennis G. & Sheila C. Johnson Family Education Fund

Jack & Cheryl Johnson
     Jack L. & Cheryl A. Johnson Fund

Deborah J. Jones
     Robert D. & Deborah J. Jones Ohio Teacher Education Fund

Rebecca (Becky) M. Jones
     John & Carolyn Miller Scholarship Fund 

Richard H. & Joan L. Karwhite
    Richard H. Karwhite & Joan L. Karwhite Fund

Elmer A. Knight*
     Elmer Knight Fund

James & Nancy Lapp
    James & Nancy Lapp Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Limbird
    Robert & Lou Ann Limbird Henry County Recreation Fund of the Henry County Community Foundation

Joyce W. Linder
     Richard & Joyce Wadsworth Fund of the Ottawa County Community Foundation

Mr. Allen Lloyd, Sr.*
     Allen Lloyd, Sr. Scholarship Fund

James R. Longe*
     James W. Longe Scholarship Fund of the Ottawa County Community Foundation

Jean & Kenneth Lovejoy
     Lovejoy-Sanzenbacher Family Foundation 

Mark & Sandra Luetke
     Sandra M. & Mark D. Luetke Fund

Kenneth & Rita Martin
     Kenneth J. Martin Family Fund

Susan L. Martin
     Susan L. Martin Fund

Mary L. Mazziotti*

Mary L. Mennel
     Secor Fund
     YMCA Mennel Outdoor Education Endowment Fund

Mrs. Karen Merrels
     Andrew S. Merrels Fund

Mark & Barbara Metusalem
     Mark & Barbara Metusalem Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Donald P. Miller
    Miller Family Donor Advised Fund of the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation

Edna K. Miller*
     Ross & Edna Miller Fund

Gary & Linda Miller
     Gary & Linda Miller Charitable Fund

Lanny Milligan & Gary Pfotenhauer
     Lanny Milligan & Gary Pfotenhauer Fund 
     Lanny Milligan & Gary Pfotenhauer Scholarship Fund

Carl B. & Gerri Mockensturm
     Mockensturm 2007 Donor Advised Fund

Judith D. F. Moore*
     Judith D. F. & Thomas W. Moore, Jr. Memorial Fund

Royse Moran
     Audrey Moran Memorial Fund

John* & Nancy* Morrison
     John & Nancy Morrison Fund

Roger & Joan Moyer
     Roger & Joan Moyer Charitable Fund

Jane Y. Murrell
      Jane Y. Murrell College Education Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Herman* & Liselotte* Nordmann
     Herman & Liselotte Nordmann Scholarship Fund

Dorothy R. Otis
     James & Dorothy Otis Family Fund

Jonathan F. Orser
    Jonathan F. Orser Fund

Chuck* & Joan* Oswald
     Oswald Supporting Organization

Richard Peter
    Carl & Helen Peter Memorial Fund of the Greater Fostoria Community Foundation

Jeanne Reed*
     Reed Fund

Edward J. & Linda S. Reiter
     Reiter Family Foundation

Charles J. & Kathryn J.* Reynolds
     Charles J. & Kathryn J. Reynolds Fund

William S. & Jeanne M. Richards
     William S. & Jeanne M. Richards Fund

Leonard H. Rosenberg
      Leonard H. Rosenberg Endowment Fund for the Toledo Area Humane Society
      Leonard H. Rosenberg Fund for the City of Toledo’s Canine Unit Fund
      Leonard H. Rosenberg Fund for the City of Toledo’s Swimming Facilities Fund

L. Jean* & Harold* Sauer
    Mr. & Mrs. Harold Sauer Fund

Dwain & Marilyn* Sayre
     Dwain & Marilyn Sayre Fund of the Wyandot County Community Foundation

Robert A. Schaefer
     Robert A. Schaefer Fund

Eugene & Elizabeth Schalk
     Eugene N. & Elizabeth A. Schalk Legacy Fund

Harold C.* & Charlotte L.* Shaffer
     Harold C. & Charlotte L. Shaffer Memorial Fund

Ms. Melissa Sharp
     Sharp Family Fund

Craig & Cathy Sheets
     Craig & Cathy Sheets Legacy Fund

Lois & John Shelly
     Lois & John Shelly Legacy Fund

Byrne & Lauren Stapleton
      Byrne & Lauren Stapleton Scholarship Fund

Norma J. (Swaisgood) Stark*
     Norman & Anna Belle Swaisgood Memory Garden and Labyrinth Fund

Sandra Frey Stegman
     Stace N. & Sandra Frey Stegman Fund for the Arts
     Stace N. & Sandra Frey Stegman Fund for Community Needs Assistance

Virginia Secor Stranahan*

Ms. Sandra L. Szymanski
     Sandra L. Szymanski Charitable Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Taylor
     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Taylor Fund

Terrance Teagarden
     Terrance Teagarden Fund

H. L. Thompson*

Tom & Lynnette Titus
     Ryan Taylor Titus Memorial Fund 

Leonard J.* & Dorothy* M. Tomasik
     Leonard J. & Dorothy M. Tomasik Donor Advised Fund

Margaret Toth*
    Margaret Toth Fund

Woody* & Judy Trautman
    Woody & Judy Trautman Multifaith Fund

Suzy* & Bob Tyner
     Tyner Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Van Rensselaer
     Arthur Van Rensselaer Scholarship Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walen
     Richard & Pamela S. Walen Charitable Fund

Richard S. Walinski
     Inverness Club Caddie Scholarship Fund

Martha Weaver*
     Martha Stephan Weaver & Rita Stephan Stangby Fund of the Wyandot County Community Foundation
     Martha Stephan Weaver Fund of the Wyandot County Community Foundation

Dr. & Mrs. David L. Weldy
     David L. Weldy & Ann C. Weldy Charitable Fund

Mr. & Mrs. Byron L. West
     Byron & Laura West Family Fund

Carl & Kristina White
     Carl & Kristina White Fund

Thomas & Ellen White
     Thomas R. White, Jr. & Ellen M. White Charitable Fund

Mel & Annette Wicks
     Melvyn E. Wicks & Annette W. Wicks Charitable Fund

Sandy* & Dick Young
     Timothy Young Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marilyn L. Zielinski
     Marilyn Zielinski Scholarship Fund

Saundra M. Zima
     Saundra M. Zima Fund

Mark & Gretchen* Zyndorf
     Mark & Gretchen Zyndorf Legacy Funds

* Deceased

If you have named the Foundation as a beneficiary in your personal planning or to become a member of the Legacy Society, please contact Bridget Brell Holt or Mike George in our Philanthropic Services Department by calling 419.241.5049 or email Bridget@toledocf.org or Mike@toledocf.org