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Dick and Fran Anderson
Dick and Fran Anderson

During their 50 years of marriage, Dick and Fran Anderson of Maumee have nurtured the spirit of giving.

“Both of us were blessed with wonderful parents. That has been the secret to our success. They taught us that work is a blessing and to be concerned for others,” says Dick, chairman of the board of The Andersons.

“For our family and our business, service is fundamental. We are here to serve others,” he continues.

To help the Andersons serve, the Toledo Community Foundation listened to their needs and developed a giving plan. “The Foundation saved us from setting up a private foundation and assisted Fran and me in estate planning with tax advantages,” he continues.

Through their Donor Directed Pooled Fund at the Foundation, the Andersons support many nonprofit organizations of their choice from the arts to education and numerous interests in between.

To continue their very important service to the community, the Andersons have planned for the joy of giving to resonate with their six adult children and their children’s families. In their estate plans, Dick and Fran determined that upon the death of the last surviving spouse their Donor Directed Pooled Fund will be divided into six endowed Donor Advised Funds - one for each child.

“Our hope is that the children will be generous to their communities and the environment. Each will need to figure out their passion and continue to serve others,” concludes Fran.

Create A Fund

Like Dick and Fran Anderson, you too can create a fund to meet your charitable goals. For the Andersons, creating a fund at the Greater Toledo Community Foundation meant fulfilling numerous commitments of their own, as well as creating individual funds for their children and their children’s families.

The Foundation offers donors the advantage of being able to create a single fund in their estate plans which can be used for both outright and ongoing support to any number of organizations that are near and dear to their heart. And there is no cost to do so.

To discuss how the Foundation can help you customize a giving plan to meet your charitable goals, contact Bridget Brell Holt, philanthropic services officer, at 419.241.5049.

Call 419.241.5049
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