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Educational Field Trips
Educational Field Trips

“Thank you for letting me go to the zoo. I saw a lion and it was cool,” wrote one amazed Fulton Elementary School student after a Toledo Community Foundation supported school field trip.

For a child, a school field trip creates lasting memories. Years after the bus ride, adults share stories about their first time at the zoo or the planetarium with their own children.

In 1992, the Foundation created the Transportation Assistance Project (TAP) Fund to help create life-long field trip memories.

More than 1,080 grants totaling over $288,000 have been awarded to the Toledo Board of Education and Central City Ministries of the Diocese of Toledo to give many disadvantaged children a chance to see the world outside of their neighborhood.

Field trips are taken to visit enriching educational locations in Northwest Ohio with the TAP Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation paying 80 percent of the transportation costs, and the schools covering the balance.

With the support of generous donors like you, many wonderful memories are created for children to explore and dream.

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