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After 20 years as President and CEO of Greater Toledo Community Foundation, Keith Burwell has informed the Board of Directors of his intention to retire. An exact timeline for his retirement has not yet been determined, and Mr. Burwell has assured the Board that he will allow ample time to facilitate a smooth and seamless leadership transition.

During his leadership, Keith oversaw growth of Foundation assets from $80 million to more than $400 million, added more than 1,000 new funds, and produced investment of more than $270 million in community grants to support various causes.

An eight-member committee chaired by Hussein Shousher has begun a process to identify a successor with the skills and experience to uphold and advance the Foundation’s mission, values and goals. This has included securing input from our internal stakeholders as well as over 20 community leaders. Their input was greatly appreciated.

The committee completed a success profile and position description and has posted the opening. Details can be found here.

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