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Giving Options - Private and Family Foundations

Each of us can make a difference in creating a vibrant and healthy community. Giving back is one way to express our gratitude to our community.

There are important issues in our community that you can help address.

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Greater Toledo Community Foundation provides a variety of giving options to help you create your personal strategic philanthropic plan. Whether you need help clarifying how or when in structuring your giving, Greater Toledo Community Foundation can help you achieve the charitable goals that are most meaningful to you.

Whether your grandparents settled here when this was the Glass City, or if you arrived in the area last month, this is your home. You have a role to play in making it great.

Commonly Asked Questions

What can or how can I give to start a fund?

What does it cost to maintain a fund and how is the fund invested?

How do I Give Today?

As you think about your fund, check out our Centers for Philanthropy to better assist your charitable goals.

Center for Individual and Family Philanthropy — No need to establish a private foundation. Now with the Center for Individual and Family Philanthropy you can have all the benefits of a private foundation without all the overhead and burden of administration.

Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy — Now your business can have a fully developed charitable program through the Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy. Allow the Foundation to assist in your charitable business needs without being weighed down with the day to day operation of your charitable program.

If you, your family members, a client or an organization you are involved with could benefit from Greater Toledo Community Foundation's Center for Private and Family Foundations, please call Patrick Johnston, Vice President, Community Investments, at 419.241.5049 or email [email protected].  

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