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Giving Options - Corporate

The Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy offers many Vehicles for Giving.

There are numerous ways to make a donation to the Foundation. Click here to view Full Discussion of Gift Options.

A cash gift is tax deductible as provided under current law.

Donations of appreciated publicly-traded securities are accepted. The Foundation also accepts closely-held stock and limited partnership interests including S-Corp stock.

Real estate (land, residences, farm land, for example) can be donated to the Foundation and deducted at full fair market value. The Foundation sells the real estate and the net proceeds capitalize a new fund or are added to an existing fund.

Click here to view Full Discussion of Gift Options.

If you would like more information on the charitable giving options available through the Foundation, contact our staff for more information.u003cbru003e

Mike Greer
Mike Greer
VP, Philanthropic Services & Advancement
[email protected]
Jesse Stock
Philanthropic Services Officeru003cbru003e
[email protected]
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