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Types of Funds - Professional Advisors

Greater Toledo Community Foundation helps donors focus on the rewards of giving, not administrative details. As a community foundation, we are uniquely flexible in helping philanthropists meet their personal goals. Any Greater Toledo Community Foundation fund can be used to make grants anonymously or with full acknowledgment.

There are many flexible ways to support your client's interests. How involved does your client want to be in grantmaking? Does your client want to give to a specific organization or a specific area of interest? Launch a scholarship to honor or memorialize a loved one? Only make grants to northwest Ohio and/or fund internationally? Create or continue a business giving program? Whatever your client's giving goals, there is a fund option.

A fund at the Foundation can operate like a private foundation, but without the administrative and legal burdens associated with private foundations. Click here to view a comparison of a Greater Toledo Community Foundation Fund and a Private Foundation. When you establish a fund at the Foundation, you choose from a variety of fund options, depending on the degree of involvement you desire.

Community Fund (also referred to as an Unrestricted Fund) - Your gift supports the most pressing needs and effective programs in the community. Foundation staff identifies the needs and you trust the Foundation to make the decisions on the use of your gift.

Donor Advised Fund - You make recommendations on grants to be given from your fund. Foundation staff can help you identify organizations you might want to support. A Donor Advised Fund can be an individual advised fund or family advised fund, endowed or growth fund.

Field of Interest Fund - You direct your funds to a specific area of interest that you care deeply about and fund it in perpetuity. This fund does not have to be tied to a particular organization.

Designated Fund - You help provide a permanent source of income to meet the future needs of a specific organization or organizations that you feel are important to the community.

Scholarship Fund - You establish the criteria to support education endeavors of traditional or nontraditional students of all ages.

Supporting Organization - You create a legal entity that is directly affiliated with the Foundation to handle your charitable needs. Foundation staff handles the professional services and you take advantage of the favorable tax status while avoiding time consuming and costly requirements of private foundations.

Donor Directed Pooled Fund - You pool your gift with other donors and designate specific organizations to receive grants from your fund.

Click here for a complete discussion of creating a fund with Greater Toledo Community Foundation.

Click here to view a Comparison of Greater Toledo Community Foundation and Private Foundations.

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