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What is the amount of the average grant?
There is a wide range in the amount of grants awarded. Grantees are encouraged to request the amount actually needed to successfully complete the proposed project. 

Are grants funded over multiple years?
It is unusual for a grant award to cover a period of several years; grant requests are generally funded for one year.

What types of requests are not funded?
Areas generally not funded include individuals, computer hardware and software, vehicles, conferences, capital and research.

Can individuals apply for grants?
No. The Foundation only makes grants to nonprofit organizations and not to individuals. However, if you are a student seeking scholarship assistance, click here to learn more about Greater Toledo Community Foundation's scholarship offerings.

What do I do if I am having trouble submitting an application through the online application portal?
If you have received an error message from the online application portal, please clear the “cookies” in your internet browser and try your submission again.  You may do this by following the instructions associated with your particular internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).  If this does not resolve the issue, you may contact Greater Toledo Community Foundation by phone (419.241.5049) or email [email protected]. Please be advised that, while Foundation staff makes every effort to be available in advance of the grant deadline, we may be unable to help with requests made very near to the deadline.  We encourage you to contact us early if you have questions and to test your system well in advance of submission to ensure that you will have no technology issues. 

Can I call someone at the Foundation to inquire about my specific grant proposal?
Questions regarding the grant application process should be directed to Patrick Johnston, Vice President, Community Investments, at 419.241.5049 or email We would be happy to assist first-time applicants to be sure they understand the process and what types of funds are generally awarded or types of requests typically not funded.

Where can I get assistance in writing a proposal?
Greater Toledo Community Foundation does not provide direct assistance with writing proposals, but The Center for Nonprofit Resources can connect you to training and individuals who provide the necessary guidance.  The Center for Nonprofit Resources conducts workshops on proposal writing, among other services.  Contact Milva Valenzuela Wagner, Director of The Center for Nonprofit Resources, at 419.241.9513 or email [email protected]. You can find a listing of the workshops currently being offered at

How does an agency go about applying for a grant from the foundation?
Greater Toledo Community Foundation has Grant Guidelines and Requests for Proposals available online.  Learn more here: You may contact the Foundation to request a copy be sent to you by email at

How long does it take from the time I submit a proposal until a decision is made?
All grant applications are carefully reviewed by the Foundation's professional staff and Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets approximately 3-1/2 months subsequent to each deadline date to make funding decisions. Applicant organizations are notified, in writing, of approval/denial of funding requests within one week after the Board of Trustees takes action.

Additional Questions
If you have additional questions about Greater Toledo Community Foundation processes or giving options, you may also want to consult the content covered in our Donor/Fund and Advisor FAQs.

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