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Why Choose GTCF?

Simplicity. Philanthropy is important work, but it doesn’t need to be hard work. A Donor Advised Fund at Greater Toledo Community Foundation provides the best features of a private family foundation without the legal and administrative burden of such a structure.

Expertise and Knowledge. Greater Toledo Community Foundation provides nearly 50 years of philanthropic and grantmaking expertise to your clients. We use our knowledge of the nonprofit world to connect your clients to the best charitable programs in our community and around the country.

Local. Greater Toledo Community Foundation is a local organization with assets at work right here in our community.

Value. Greater Toledo Community Foundation’s charitable giving options provide maximum tax benefits at a very low cost. View fund comparison.

Flexibility. Other companies or vehicles of philanthropy do not accept or are not allowed to accept complicated gifts of real property or closely-held stock. Greater Toledo Community Foundation does and will. The Foundation offers the most flexibility in the acceptance of gifts and the use of those gifts to make grants.

Leaders. Greater Toledo Community Foundation is the largest philanthropic institution in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. No philanthropic institution knows more about the broad issues and opportunities in our region than the Foundation. The size of our organization means individuals have trusted the Foundation for generations and allows us to provide a leading role in our area’s philanthropy.

. Do your clients want to know that their philanthropic work is making a difference? With Greater Toledo Community Foundation as a partner, your clients will have access to people with the same passion for results, and many opportunities to get smarter about giving – including donor education seminars, site visits, peer networking events and more.

. Greater Toledo Community Foundation provides your clients a way to create a personal legacy of giving with assurance and security.

What are your client’s dreams?

To create a scholarship in honor of a loved one?

To ensure cleaner water and air for their grandchildren?

To continue their faith community’s work when they can no longer contribute their own efforts?

For nearly 50 years, Greater Toledo Community Foundation has turned charitable dreams into realities for thousands of people across northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

While the tax and estate planning advantages are significant, our experience tells us that the satisfaction of being able to give back or “connect” with your community is the driving force behind philanthropy.

Still unsure of the important role a GTCF Philanthropic Advisor can play on your team?   Here are six reasons to team up with us.

If you would like more information on the charitable giving options available through the Foundation, email Kurstyn Loeffler, Taylor Greenwood or Ashley Yoakam in our Philanthropic Services Department, or call 419.241.5049.

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