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In our community, we have a wealth of very important and worthwhile charitable organizations. Over time, our community's needs and opportunities change. Nonprofit organizations have emerged and grown in large numbers to address these issues head-on. Many seek help with capacity and sustainability - the kind of support they need to achieve their missions. Whether your organization is just emerging or has deep roots in our region, we can help simplify your work.

For more than 45 years, Greater Toledo Community Foundation has helped a growing core of nonprofit organizations advance their missions through expert guidance and a wide array of services. First through assisting with the creation of nonprofit endowment funds at the foundation, but just as important through The Center's training and technical assistance programs.

The Center for Nonprofit Resources

The Foundation's mission to inspire philanthropy involves a commitment to ensuring that nonprofit organizations in our region have the information and resources required to operate in an efficient and effective manner. Recognition of this need to assist in building local nonprofits' capacity, as well as offering quality training and technical assistance, served as the basis for establishment of The Center.

Through the generous support of the Duane Stranahan, Sr. Charitable Lead Trust, The Center was established in 2002. According to Mr. Stranahan's son Steve, his father believed strongly in promoting professional management in the nonprofit sector.

The Center for Nonprofit Resources has developed an ever expanding and changing list of training programs designed to inform and assist local nonprofits. Programs/workshops/seminars are frequently offered in the following content areas of nonprofit management:

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  • Accountability and evaluation
  • Communication and marketing
  • Fundraising and financial sustainability
  • Governance
  • Management and leadership
  • Staff development and organizational capacity
  • Technology
  • Volunteer management

For more information about The Center, visit, or call Milva Valenzuela Wagner, Director, at 419.241.9513. The Center for Nonprofit Resources will continue to assist local nonprofits with capacity building by expanding the nature and scope of the support services it makes available to our local nonprofit community. 

Click here for more information on our current workshop offerings.

Organization Endowment Fund

If your nonprofit would like to explore the creation of an endowment fund, contact Kurstyn Loeffler, vice president, Philanthropic Services.   

Click here for complete discussion of creating a fund with Greater Toledo Community Foundation.

What type of gift options can one use to create a fund in The Center for Nonprofit Resources? Click here to review Gift Options.

Already have a fund and you would like to make a gift - go to Give Today with this click.

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