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The Center for Individual and Family Philanthropy services include:

Philanthropic Consulting
Whether making a small initial contribution or a million dollar gift, new to philanthropy or experienced in charitable giving, we work with each individual and family – one-on-one – to create an individualized giving plan, helping to determine the values that will guide their giving. Foundation staff reviews or researches issues or areas of interest, identifies and evaluates specific nonprofit organizations and responds to requests by the donor to fulfill their charitable goals.

Charitable planning experts can help:

  • Explore and identify the most appropriate philanthropic vehicle to address your needs
  • Develop a family or individual giving plan tailored to your interest areas and giving priorities
  • Structure goals that help achieve the vision of the founder(s)

Simplified Paperwork
Leave the grant administration to us. The Foundation can handle all the grant paperwork from check writing to follow-up. We ensure that every nonprofit a donor supports is a qualified charitable recipient.  We send out the grant checks and provide donors regular reports on grant activity and history.

Maumee Valley Habitat for Humanity

Administrative experts can help:

  • Plan, facilitate and document committee or board meetings
  • Manage grantmaking commitments
  • Promote your philanthropic initiatives to draw interest in your causes
  • Develop a plan for succession to the next generation

Security and Knowledge
Both donors and nonprofit organizations rely on our solid reputation and established presence in the community. Our Board of Trustees represents leaders from the civic and business communities. When establishing a fund, the donor’s assets are invested for continued growth, allowing the gift and the community impact to grow.

Give in Partnership with the Foundation
Whether it is pooling or combining multiple gifts, assisting donors with the review of grant proposals or including donors on site visits to hear first-hand from local nonprofits, the Foundation provides a variety of ways to partner with donors to increase the impact of giving.

Through our Community Grantmaking Program, donors have the opportunity to review funding proposals prescreened by Foundation staff and help make decisions on funding these proposals.

The Foundation also provides numerous opportunities for donors to pool funds, work on common interests and support local organizations. Whether it is choosing one area of interest or supporting a new community initiative, donors are invited to partner with the Foundation to help the community meet its most pressing needs.

As the largest broad based funder for our community, the Foundation responds quickly to natural disasters or local emergencies and invites donors to join in supporting the community when unanticipated needs arise.

Our grant experts can help:

  • Facilitate grantmaking requests and field grantmaking inquiries
  • Prepare and present critical needs reports; solicit proposals; serve as a liaison between you and grantees/prospects
  • Research, evaluate and recommend potential grantees; monitor use of funds; review and report grantee effectiveness to committee or board
  • Offer philanthropy workshops to engage your family in your charitable mission
  • Organize nonprofit site visits to promote participation

In addition to these services, Greater Toledo Community Foundation provides the administrative services for the Northwest Ohio Funders’ Network.

The Northwest Ohio Funders’ Network embodies the following principles:

  • collaboration among funders
  • leveraging resources
  • encouraging knowledge and education of the funding community
  • building on community strengths and assets

What type of fund can one create in the Center for Individual and Family Philanthropy?  Click here to review Fund Types.

What type of gift options can one use to create a fund in the Center for Individual and Family Philanthropy?  Click here to review Gift Options.

Already have a fund and you would like to make a gift – go to Give Today now.

If you would like more information on the charitable giving options available through the Foundation, contact our Philanthropic Services staff for more information.

Kurstyn Loeffler
Vice President of Philanthropic Services
[email protected]

Taylor Greenwood

Taylor Greenwood
Philanthropic Services Officer
[email protected]

Ashley Yoakam

Ashley Yoakam
Philanthropic Services Officer
[email protected]

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