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To maximize the impact of their community investments and operate efficiently, individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit agencies turn to the professionals at Greater Toledo Community Foundation.

Through the Center for Private and Family Foundations, as the name implies, GTCF provides assistance to private and family foundations and to corporate and nonprofit organizations' grantmaking programs.

Clients using the Center for Private and Family Foundations do so for a variety of reasons like:

A Foundation sought the grant management services of GTCF's Center for Private and Family Foundations instead of replacing staff and investing in new computer software to manage these responsibilities;

Another Foundation uses GTCF's Center for Private and Family Foundations on an ongoing basis to provide research and reporting for current grant requests from the Toledo area. With this relationship, this Foundation has access to GTCF's extensive knowledge of community needs and local nonprofits. This information assists the trustees in making informed funding decisions and avoids duplicating staff efforts.

An agency Supporting Organization (a separate nonprofit entity) uses GTCF's Center for Private and Family Foundations to provide numerous administrative services for its grantmaking program. This helps the organization detach the functions of its Supporting Organization from its agency programs and functions.

The Foundation has more than 45 years of experience in administering all aspects of grantmaking programs. With its skilled professional staff it is uniquely positioned to provide a broad range of advisory, organizational and administrative services to other entities involved in organized philanthropy.

The Center for Private and Family Foundations provides many services for private and family foundations.  Click here to review.

What type of fund can one create for use with Private and Family Foundations? Click here to review Fund Types.

What type of gift options can one use to create a fund at Greater Toledo Community Foundation? Click here to review Gift Options.

Already have a fund and you would like to make a gift - go to Give Today now.

If you, your family members, a client or an organization you are involved with could benefit from GTCF's Center for Private and Family Foundations, please call Patrick Johnston, Vice President, Community Investments, at 419.241.5049. 

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