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Michael C. Gibbons
President & CEO,
Mainstreet Ventures, Inc.

Jay Morgan
Chief Operating Officer,

Tiffany E. Cavanaugh
Magistrate and Court Mediator

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Board

Kaye M. Aldridge, Ph.D.
Retired Senior Vice President,
The University of Toledo

Lois Bingham, Esq.
SVP & General Counsel,
Libbey, Inc.

Brandi Carson
Director of Finance & Accounting,
La-Z-Boy, Inc.

Mike Fischer
Founder & Past CEO,
Fischer Tool & Die Corp.

Pamela S. Hershberger
Retired Toledo Office
Managing Partner,
Ernst & Young LLP

Dr. Bina Joe Ph.D., FAHA, FAPS, ISHF
Distinguished University Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Frederick-Hiss Endowment Chair

Gregory C. Kasper, M.D., FACS
President/Chief Medical Officer, Jobst Vascular Institute

Meg Ressner
Meg Ressner & Associates

Hussien Y. Shousher
Retired President,
GEM, Inc.

Spencer D. Stone, Jr.
Senior Vice President
Wealth Management,
UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Brian A. Valentine
EVP & Chief Financial Officer,
The Andersons, Inc.

Kelli L. Winston
Community Volunteer

For a listing of GTCF Past Board Members, click here


The following individuals serve as ad hoc (non-trustee) committee members: 

Investment Committee
Ronald C. Boller, Emeritus Member; William R. Foster, Retired VP-Investments, Wells Fargo Advisors; Susan Morgan, EVP, Signature Bank; Robert Savage, Savage Consulting & Core Network 

Grants & Distribution Committee
Pariss Coleman; Mark Luetke; Rita Mansour; Susan Palmer; Chuck Stocking

Strategic Alliance Partnership Committee
Mark Miller, Chair; Christie Ansberg; Stephanie Cihon; Tim Foster; William Foster; Julie Brotje Higgins; Susan Morgan; Jeremy Zeisloft


The Andersons Fund Supporting Organization
Greater Toledo Community Foundation appointments: Chris Anderson; William Fall
The Andersons appointments:  John Kraus; Julie Payeff

Greater Toledo Community Foundation Supporting Organization
Greater Toledo Community Foundation appointments: Zac Isaac; Frank D. Jacobs; Dennis Johnson; Rita N.A. Mansour; Mark Zyndorf

Oswald Supporting Organization
Greater Toledo Community Foundation appointments: Susan Palmer; Jennifer Panczyszyn; Charles Stocking
Family appointments: Julie Abbey; Sarah Oswald

Solar Toledo Neighborhood Foundation
Scott Estes; Paul Toth; Thomas Winston

The Stranahan Supporting Organization
Greater Toledo Community Foundation appointments: Patricia Appold; Pariss Coleman, II; Frank D. Jacobs
The Stranahan Foundation appointments: Elizabeth Foster; Frances Parry

Tyner Family Foundation
Greater Toledo Community Foundation appointments: Todd Black; Meg Ressner; Fred Treuhaft
Family appointments: Mary Jane Luck; David Tyner


Greater Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship Advisory Committee (advises on several GTCF Scholarship Funds):
Dr. Cynthia Beekley
Dr. Jim Bingle
Ms. Michelle Bissell 
Ms. Yasmeen Shousher-Moore
Mr. Thomas Winston  

Greater Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship Advisory Committee 2:
Mr. Nick Cosentino
Mr. Keith Jordan, Sr. 
Mr. Brian Koenig
Mr. Jason Levine
Mr. Dave Yenrick

Greater Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship Advisory Committee 3:
Ms. Holly Baumgartner
Mr. Greg Braylock
Ms. Vicky Brymer
Mr. Joshua Didion
Mr. Brad Rieger

Greater Toledo Community Foundation Scholarship Advisory Committee 4:
Ms. Allie Isaac
Dr. Jay Jindal
Ms. Mona Rafeeq
Ms. Stephanie White
Mr. Scott Wymer

Jamie Farr Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Mr. Gary Geiger - Chair
Mr. Alex Gerken
Ms. Sharon Gillespie
Mr. James Happ
Mr. Mark Knierim
Mr. Kevin Kornowa
Ms. Gayle Lampkowski

Junior Achievement Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Ms. Sanaa Awada
Mr. Aaron Lawson
Mr. Jamey Messer
Mr. Andy White

Marjorie M. Fitkin Memorial Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Mr. Baron Black
Mr. Mark Pugh
Ms. Nadia Swade

Edith Franklin Pottery Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Mr. Marc Folk
Mr. Stephen Johnston
Ms. Jules Webster

Charles and Jean Gottfried Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Ms. Shelli Ashley
Ms. Alison Cheney
Mr. Peter Cole
Ms. Mary Fox
Ms. Lisa Zellner

Huntington Scholarship Fund Advisory Committee:
Ms. Amanda Baltz
Mr. Eric Heintschel
Mr. Mark Wasylyshyn

Dr. Edward J. Jacob Memorial Scholarship Fund Committee:
Mr. James A. Jacob
Mr. Bryan Kitz
Mr. James McGill
Mr. Douglas Spencer
Mrs. Karen Stone

Masters Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Mr. David Browne
Ms. Ann Kemerley
Ms. Beth Richman
Ms. Jennifer Romich
Ms. Laurie A. Scheck
Ms. Corrina Waggy

Robert L. Maxwell and Lathrop/Turner Scholarship Selection Committee:
Mr. Thomas Brady
Mr. Joe Cleveland
Ms. Margo Hertzfeld
Mr. Mike Koralewski

Charles Z. Moore Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Mr. Jeffrey O. Halsey
Mr. Lee Heritage
Mr. Jeffrey Jaffe
Mr. Scott Potter
Mr. Alan Taplin

Northwest Ohio Realtors Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Ms. Cathy Huguelet
Ms. Penny Kice
Mr. John Mangas

Northwest Ohio Restaurant Association Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Ms. Pat Appold
Mr. Chris Kamilaris
Mr. Gus Mancy
Mr. Roger Parker 

Katherine R. Smith Scholarship Advisory Committee:
Ms. Izzy Merkel  
Mr. Stephen Schult 
Mr. James Seiwert
Ms. Diana Waugh

Paul Szymanski Spirit Award Committee:
Mr. B. J. Claus
Mr. Greg Fish
Mr. Jeff Greeno 
Mr. Nick Szymanski
Ms. Sandra Szymanski 
Mr. Scott Walsh

Toledo Roadrunners Club Scholarship in Honor of Pam Graver-Koenig
Scholarship Advisory Committee:

Ms. Sarah Anderson
Mr. Carlos De Carvalho
Ms. Terri Kaczor
Mr. Terri Kirtos
Ms. Kollen Kopchak
Mr. Stan Root
Ms. Mary Steinhauser
Ms. Kary Whearty

Dr. Deborah J. Vargo Memorial Scholarship in Nursing Scholarship Advisory Committee
Ms. Mary Arquette
Ms. Mary Jo Maurer
Ms. Chelsea Muller

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