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With the Greater Toledo Community Foundation's Legacy Society, you can make provisions today that will meet the needs of tomorrow.

You can provide a permanent source of support for your charitable interests while generating tax savings and even personal income through deferred gifts to the Foundation.

There are several options available for your deferred gift.

  • Bequests - You make a gift from your estate to the Foundation. Your estate may claim a tax deduction for the full amount of your charitable bequest.
  • Charitable trusts - You designate in your will that a certain amount of money or property will be transferred to the Foundation. Your estate receives a charitable deduction for the full, fair market value of your gift.
  • Life insurance - You make a gift of life insurance to the Foundation. You may find you no longer need the financial protection of existing life insurance policies. By making the Foundation a beneficiary of all or part of your policy would capitalize a new fund at the time of your death, and your estate would receive a charitable deduction based on the policy's current value.
  • Retirement assets - You name the Foundation as the beneficiary of all or part of your retirement plan assets upon your death. Your estate avoids paying large income and estate tax bills.

With a bit of planning today, you can ensure that the charitable causes that have grown important to you and your family over the years continue to be supported, in your name, long after you're gone. The Legacy Society is one of the ways the Foundation expresses its gratitude for your foresight and generosity.

Legacy Society members.


Frequently Asked Questions about the Legacy Society

(Q) How do you become a Legacy Society member?
(A) By naming the Foundation as a beneficiary in your estate plan.

(Q) How are you added to the list?
(A) By completing a Legacy Society Reply Form found here and returning it to the Foundation at: 300 Madison Ave., Suite 1300, Toledo OH 43604. Our Philanthropic Services staff will promptly contact you to discuss the details and benefits of naming the Foundation as a  beneficiary in your estate plan. 

(Q) What benefits do you receive as a Legacy Society member?
(A)  If you agree, your name could be published in the Foundation’s newsletters, Annual Reports and other publications; you will receive invitations to Foundation events; and a sense of well-being, knowing you are supporting your community forever.

If you have named the Foundation as a beneficiary in your personal planning or to become a member of GTCF's Legacy Society, please contact Kurstyn Loeffler, Taylor Greenwood or Ashley Yoakam in our Philanthropic Services Department by calling 419.241.5049 or email [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

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