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Adopted by the Board of Trustees - Effective January 2015

Administrative Fees and Spending Guidelines by Type of Fund
Administrative fees vary by the type of Fund, as outlined below. The minimum administrative fee for any fund is $100 annually. All funds are also charged an annual bank and recordkeeping fee of .12%. The spending guideline (the amount available annually for distribution from a fund) is calculated using the Estimated Real Rate of Return, less the Foundation's administrative fee percentage. The spending guideline is applied to the five-year average market value of a fund.

  • Community Needs Funds (Unrestricted or Field of Interest), Scholarship, Donor Advised Endowed Funds and Supporting Organizations:
Spending Guideline =  3.80%
GTCF Administrative Fee = .95%
  • Designated Funds:
Spending Guideline =  3.80%
GTCF Administrative Fee = .95%
  • Donor Directed Pooled Funds:
Spending Guideline = IRS regulations mandate net income must be distributed 
GTCF Administrative Fee = .95%

  • Organization Endowment Funds:
Spending Guideline =  4.35%
GTCF Administrative Fee = .50%

The above fees are for funds with a five-year average market value of $2.5 million or less. Once a fund’s average five-year market value exceeds $2.5 million, a fee of .1% will be charged on the excess.

Example – An unrestricted fund with a five-year average market value of $3 million would be assessed fees as follows:

$2.5 million x .95% = $23,750
$500,000 x .1% =         500
Total Fee $24,250
  • Donor Advised Growth Funds:
    The total annual fee is 1.45%, calculated and assessed quarterly, on the highest market value of the Fund during the previous quarter. A Donor Advised Growth Fund requires a $25,000 establishing amount and must maintain at least a $10,000 balance.

(Rev. 12-2016)

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