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The Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy aims to help businesses maximize the rewarding experience of philanthropy. The Foundation offers comprehensive and flexible support services through our Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy. Philanthropic experts at the Foundation work with businesses to shape their giving programs to generate the greatest possible impact. As your community foundation, we share your commitment to healthy communities, innovation and the responsible stewardship of resources. We are here to help your business meet charitable goals by providing administrative and financial services, and information or education on critical community issues. Whether your business prefers to support a variety of charities or chooses to run a competitive grants program, our professional team can work with you to advance your philanthropic mission. The Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy provides a cost-effective and tax-efficient way to outsource your corporate grantmaking and improve your philanthropic efficiency. We help your business fully experience the power of charitable giving.

With any Greater Toledo Community Foundation business or corporate fund, you can:

  • Name your gift fund to distinguish your business or identify your charitable goals
  • Provide current or permanent support of your favorite charities
  • Access your gift fund online to check fund balance, make grant requests and review critical community needs      
  • Receive prompt gift acknowledgement and grant processing
  • Obtain timely grant research and due diligence
  • Choose recognition or anonymity
  • Attend special networking events with other Foundation supporters
  • Learn about philanthropy via informative seminars and workshops
  • Work with a dedicated client service representative
  • Receive annual gift planning and/or fund management consultation
  • Customize grant programs
  • Take advantage of specialized research on topics of interest
  • Make targeted site visits to local and regional charities
  • Receive comprehensive review of your giving and grant strategies

Some of our region’s greatest business and corporate stewards take advantage of the Foundation’s philanthropic services. We offer them a breadth of highly customized services to make charitable giving more powerful and meaningful—and to free up more of their valuable time. We can do the same for you. We can provide full governing board or committee management, administer a grantmaking program and more. Whether it's the founder’s family tradition or your employees', our aim is to help you engage in a charitable mission, promote your family or company’s philanthropic programs and help you make the greatest, most positive impact on your community.

Whether your business is just beginning to consider the most appropriate way to give, or you’re already operating a corporate foundation, we are here to help you.

What type of fund can one create in the Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy?  Click here to review Fund Types.

What type of gift options can one use to create a fund in the Center for Corporate and Business Philanthropy?  Click here to review Gift Options.

Already have a fund and you would like to make a gift – go to Give Today now.

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