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Jim and Nancy Lapp
Jim and Nancy Lapp

For Jim and Nancy Lapp of Toledo, investing in the future education of college students comes naturally since academic life connected their families for nearly a century.

They are both retired from The University of Toledo where their careers concentrated on advising students. This is the first time in 85 years that a Lapp family member has not been on the campus either as a student or professor.

“As Toledo natives, we are interested in our community and dad encouraged us to become involved in the Toledo Community Foundation. We remember him saying that the Toledo Community Foundation was one of the best kept secrets in Toledo and he was surprised that more people were not involved,” says Jim.

His father and mother, Lloyd and Betty Lapp, created a donor directed pooled fund at the Foundation in 1998 and a donor advised fund in 2005. Jim serves as an advisor for that fund, and he and Nancy established the James W. and Nancy A. Lapp Donor Advised Fund in 2005.

“Our fund is young but we have been able to award scholarships to deserving UT College of Business Administration students and it makes us feel so good. We get cards and letters from students and faculty thanking us for the support and inspiration they receive from Lloyd and Betty’s fund, and that makes us so proud,” says Nancy. 

“My mother died in 2005, and in the difficult last stages of my father’s illness in 2006 we were fortunate to be able to show him we had taken his advice to set up a fund at the Foundation. This gave him comfort in knowing that his heritage would be continued and that his memory would be kept alive,” concludes Jim.

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