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In the Carson family, giving has been a foundation of happiness for generations.

So when sisters Betsy Carson Brady and Mary Carson Fedderke, unbeknownst to each other, established donor advised funds with the Toledo Community Foundation in the very same week, the coincidence somehow just seemed natural.

Carson Family
Carson Family

“It goes back to our parents,” the sisters observed. “All five of us kids saw how happy Mom and Dad were when they were involved — they had a lifestyle of giving. We realized early what joy it brought to have a positive impact.”

Among many other contributions to the community, Mary and Betsy’s father, Sam Carson, served on the initial Toledo Community Foundation board of trustees in 1973-78, and with his wife, Alice, established both the Carson Family Metroparks Fund and Carson Family Donor Advised Fund.

Nearly 20 years later, Betsy followed her father’s example, becoming president of the Foundation board. All the Carson children and their spouses enjoy identifying needs they can meet through the funds their parents created, and their own gifts. “We look for something that touches our heart,” said Mary. “Foundation staff can be instrumental in finding the people, projects and programs that are right for us.”

Now, to extend the tradition of giving to the next generation, establishing their own families’ donor advised funds was the natural path. “It’s too soon to know exactly what to support in the years ahead,” observed Betsy, “but we do know there are many community needs to be addressed. Our donor advised funds are a flexible way to make the decision to help others now, and define what that will become in the future.”

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