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Greater Toledo Community Foundation serves as a powerful philanthropic vehicle for charitable giving. We offer an amazing array of charitable giving opportunities - the causes you support, the assets you give, and the form your giving takes can all be customized to meet your own individual needs and interests.

Greater Toledo Community Foundation is a recognized 501(c)(3) and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income purposes. Greater Toledo Community Foundation will be sending you a receipt after the gift has been received for your records.

If you wish to make a gift of securities to a fund with Greater Toledo Community Foundation, please contact your Philanthropic Services Officer. If you wish to make a gift of restricted (Rule 144), closely-held, or other non-publicly traded securities, please contact us to obtain instructions on what additional information is required for this type of stock.

Securities Held in a Brokerage Account
Securities held by a broker can be delivered by DTC. Please reach out to your Philanthropic Services Officer for specific instructions.

Use the following information to transfer the stock:

It is critical that your broker or financial institution include your name (that is, the name of the person transferring the securities) with the transfer instructions. Your Philanthropic Services Officer will be able to provide the transfer instructions. When transferring securities to the Foundation, please let us know as soon as possible so that our broker can be alerted to accept the securities, and so we can acknowledge your gift properly. All securities gift proceeds will be net of any applicable commissions or fees.

For your convenience, the Foundation also maintains accounts at a number of brokerage firms which can be used to transfer securities gifts to the Foundation. Please contact us if you would like more information about a specific brokerage.

Securities Registered in Your Name
We will need a signed stock power and letter of authorization. Please sign your name(s) exactly as it/they appear on the face of the certificate, and complete a separate stock power for each certificate. Please only complete the blanks where indicated. Stock powers and letters of authorization can also be obtained from the Foundation offices. You may execute these documents yourself and deliver them with the stock certificate(s) to the Foundation at our offices by hand, by mail or arrange to have a staff member meet you to pick them up.

If sending a stock gift by mail, we strongly encourage you to send the certificate(s) under separate cover from the stock power and letter of authorization. In all cases, we recommend you not sign the back of the certificate(s) for safety's sake.

Mail to:

Greater Toledo Community Foundation
300 Madison Ave., Suite 1300
Toledo, OH 43604

Mutual Funds
Many mutual funds can be transferred to the Foundation's brokerage account. To do so, please contact us at 419.241.5049 to determine if the fund is eligible, then forward a completed Mutual Fund Transfer Request Form from your mutual fund provider to the Foundation.

Alternatively, you can contact the mutual fund provider and request their own charitable gift or transfer request form. At a minimum, you will need to provide them with the recipient's name (Greater Toledo Community Foundation) and our tax ID number, 23-7284004.

: It is the policy of Greater Toledo Community Foundation to liquidate all gifted securities as soon as possible at the current market price. Unless legally restricted from doing so, securities will normally be sold the same business day they are received. If transferring a securities gift via another brokerage, please let us know as soon as possible so we can give them the order to sell immediately.

Year-End Gifts: Please note that, to qualify as a tax deduction in a given year, your mailed stock certificate(s) and properly executed stock power and letter of authorization must be postmarked or hand-delivered by December 31 of that year. The Foundation will acknowledge the gift date of transferred securities as the date on which the securities are credited to an account in the Foundation's name.

Greater Toledo Community Foundation Philanthropic Services Team:

Kurstyn Loeffler, Vice President of Philanthropic Services

[email protected]

Taylor Greenwood, Philanthropic Services Officer

[email protected] 

Ashley Yoakam, Philanthropic Services Officer

[email protected] 

(PH) 419.241.5049

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