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The Board of Trustees of Greater Toledo Community Foundation recently approved $22,400 in grants from the Bill Rowles Youth Foundation Fund to eight area nonprofit organizations. Grants from the Bill Rowles Youth Foundation Fund are made to nonprofit organizations to support programs in northwest Ohio that enhance the lives of young people under the age of 21.

Grants were awarded to:

  • Bittersweet Farms - $2,000 was awarded to support staffing and activity expenses that support recreational respite and social skills for individuals with autism.
  • Black Swamp Conservancy - $3,000 was awarded to support an outdoor education learning program to benefit Otsego and Eastwood students by hosting six workshops for teachers.
  • GreaterGenerations - $3,000 was awarded to support a youth work experience program, primarily for high-risk youth.
  • Leading Families Home - $3,000 was awarded to support youth that are temporarily residing in a family shelter by covering the cost of extra-curricular activity fees, equipment and supplies.
  • Mountain Mentors - $3,000 was awarded to support a mentoring program for at-risk teens that culminates with a week-long backpacking trip in New Hampshire.
  • Ohana Project - $3,000 was awarded to provide general operating support for a program that provides basic needs, mental health and support for youth who have aged out of the foster care system.
  • Open Arms Transformation Living - $3,000 was awarded to cover staff and mentor expenses to develop a teen-to-teen date rape prevention education program.
  • The Salvation Army - $2,400 was awarded to provide scholarships for five Wood County youth to attend a week-long outdoor and team building camp in Carrol County, Ohio.
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