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$424,000 Committed to the Fund for Distribution to Local Nonprofit Organizations

GTCF today approved a third round of grants totaling $61,450 from the COVID-19 Response Fund to provide immediate relief to residents affected by COVID-19's economic impacts in our area.

TOLEDO, OHIO, April 10, 2020 – Greater Toledo Community Foundation is pleased to announce that local philanthropists, family foundations, corporations and businesses continue to add to the COVID-19 Response Fund of the Greater Toledo Community Foundation. GTCF’s program department and Board of Trustees are reviewing applications and approving grants at record pace, and 100% of the donations made to this fund will be granted out to our local nonprofits as they deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in our communities.

The Board of Trustees of Greater Toledo Community Foundation recently approved seven grants totaling $61,450 from the COVID-19 Response Fund to support northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan nonprofit organizations, bringing the total distributed in three weeks to more than $200,000. Another $18,000 in grants has been recommended and are in the approval process.

The following seven grants totaling $61,450 were recently approved through the fund.

Bittersweet Farms: to purchase personal protective equipment and cleaning supplies to support services for residents with intellectual disabilities.

The Cocoon: to provide crisis support services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence by increasing staff time, providing communication devices and basic needs items.

Heartbeat of Toledo: to support additional costs for formula and diapers for clients.

Ohio Living: to support additional staff hours and personal protective equipment to continue to support elderly residents living in its northwest Ohio locations.

St. Martin de Porres – The Claver House: to support transitioning an in-person feeding program that serves the homeless, veterans and other adults to a grab-and-go system.

Sunshine Foundation: to purchase medical supplies and personal protective equipment.

United Way of Greater Toledo: to increase the hours of staff who operate the 211 service and manage data collection.

Greater Toledo Community Foundation created the COVID-19 Response Fund to support northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan nonprofit organizations as they assist in responding to the spread of COVID-19 in the community and experience financial challenges in doing so.

Donations to the COVID-19 Response Fund at GTCF are urgently needed to meet the huge demand for aid to Toledo Region residents affected by COVID-19's economic consequences.

Donations can be made online at

GTCF will continue to make grants from the COVID-19 Response Fund as long as donations are received. GTCF will provide grants to northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan nonprofits and will not be giving money directly to individuals. GTCF is distributing 100 percent of funds raised.


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Regarding making a donation to the fund, you can donate online at, or contact Mike George at 419-241-5049 or [email protected]

Regarding applying for a grant (local nonprofit organizations), visit our Grants page at, or contact Patrick Johnston at 419-241-5049 or [email protected]

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