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Upon the death of his wife, Mary, retired Toledo Municipal Court Judge Robert Penn searched for a way to honor her for her deep, abiding interest and devotion to him and their daughter, Crystal.

“Mary was my friend, my companion, wife and soul mate. She was graceful, poised and refined. When we met, we were drawn to each other like a magnet,” says the Judge who was married to Mary nearly 57 years.

To memorialize Mary, who was the first black female high school teacher for Toledo Public Schools, Judge Penn and Crystal established a memorial fund at the Foundation. “It seemed a perfect way to honor her and give support to organizations that meant so much to her during her life,” he adds.

“During my childhood, I saw my parents give their time to so many community organizations when they couldn’t necessarily give money. With the fund, we’ve created a legacy where our family can continue our charitable spirit and honor mom and our family for years to come,” says Crystal.

“The community has done so much for me that it is my obligation to reciprocate.”

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