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Dr. Amjad and Dottie Hussain
Dr. Amjad and Dottie Hussain

Almost 100 years after his grandfather became a physician in Pakistan, S. Amjad Hussain, M.D. began his medical career in Toledo and feels an obligation to build bridges of understanding between the two countries.

"After I completed medical school in Pakistan, I was accepted as a medical intern at St. Charles Hospital in 1963. The community welcomed me warmly. I will never forget the friends that helped me make this community my home," smiles the retired surgeon.

During those early years in Toledo as a young physician, he met his wife Dorothy ("Dottie") who was a student nurse at Maumee Valley Hospital.  "I knew I wanted to return to my native country and teach at the medical school. It took me three years to convince my future wife. Once I got her to agree, we were married."

Providing Nourishment

During their four years in Pakistan, the young couple started a family. "Once I finished my teaching, we moved back to Toledo where I returned to St. Charles and we continued to grow our family."

"Our family has been in the community for several years now and we feel an obligation to support it. My wife and I have had a positive experience in this community and for my children this is their homestead," explains Amjad.

To show their appreciation to the community, the Hussains established the S. Amjad and Dorothy G. Hussain Family Fund, a Donor Advised Fund with the Foundation. The fund will support projects in the Toledo area "because the community has given me my professional identity and accepted me."

Donate Your Property

Amjad and Dottie Hussain donated residential real estate to establish their family’s fund at the Foundation. If you wish to donate real property or other tangible personal property, Foundation staff will guide you through the transaction. Property must be marketable and unencumbered by liens or environmental issues. The Foundation can assist with conversion of the assets, and gifts of real estate to a community foundation can be deducted at full fair market value up to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income. The same gift to a private foundation is limited to the donor’s cost basis up to 20 percent of adjusted gross income. For more information on donating property via the Foundation, contact us .

Donate Property

To seed their fund, the family donated a piece of residential property to the Foundation.  "We had property in Michigan that we wanted to sell and we knew it had some value. In fact we had some offers on it. But we decided to donate it to the Foundation."

Once the property was gifted to the Foundation, it was sold. The proceeds established their fund.   

"I've been aware of the Foundation for several years and felt it would be an excellent vehicle for us. I placed a call to the Foundation and we met and began working on the donation.

Sprouting New Projects

"It was really very simple. The staff was so efficient. I'm glad the property gave us the opportunity to create the fund that we hope will benefit many in the community."

When the fund was established the Hussains named themselves and their three children - daughter, Natasha, and sons, Qarie and Monie - as advisors to the fund. This allows all family members the opportunity to make recommendations to the Foundation about specific projects and organizations that might receive grants from the Hussain Family Fund.

"Our children were very receptive to creating the fund. There was never a question in their minds. They felt this was the best means to support our efforts," he adds.

"My wife and I have a two-fold approach to giving. We need to give back to this country that has given us so much and we have an obligation to build awareness and understanding between my home country of Pakistan and the USA."

Continuing Growth

Dr. Hussain is a professor emeritus at the Medical College of Ohio where he and his wife fund a program for young Pakistani scholars to study and conduct research at the college.

"If I can do anything to help people understand the cultures, I will try it. I've been doing it in my writings through newspaper columns locally and in other cities, through books I've authored and with a public television documentary about a journey on the Indus River.  It's my hope these actions will help develop an appreciation for the two cultures."

The Hussain's fund at the Foundation is the family's first significant contribution to the local community. "I look at it as habitual grace.  I was given a great gift by my ancestors to become a doctor. In turn, Toledo has given me a wonderful family, home and profession. It's with grace that we hope to fulfill ourselves by helping the community in perpetuity," he concludes.

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