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Toledo Day Nursery
Toledo Day Nursery

Since the Civil War, children have found an activity-filled place to get their little lives off to a good start at Toledo Day Nursery.

Operating from four locations in Toledo, the Nursery offers children of working and student parents quality, affordable childcare programs to help with educational, social, emotional and physical development.

Since 1998, the Toledo Community Foundation has given grants totaling more than $220,000 to the 138-year-old nursery to “sing and soothe” infants to five year olds.

“The Foundation has always been our friend and supports us in all our ventures. With them we are able to put smiles on children’s faces,” says Pat Scheuer, executive director.

Today some of the children are the third generation of their families to attend the nursery that offers a safe environment. Regardless of income, all children are welcome and everyone pays a fee to attend the nationally accredited program.

“We had a grandfather who brought his grandchild to the nursery and just smiled. He said he remembered the warmth he felt as a child going to the nursery as soon as he walked through the door,” says Pat who has directed the nursery for 10 years.

Receiving compliments from kindergarten teachers on how well Toledo Day Nursery school graduates are prepared makes for a highly successful program that is a positive reflection on the children and the community.

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