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Marilyn Fox

For Marilyn Fox there is nothing more important than giving women and children the strength to rebuild their lives after abuse.

One of the projects through her Mazie Foundation Fund is to give birthday gifts to women and children at Bethany House, a long-term shelter for victims of domestic violence, and she has recently developed a car gifting program for qualified residents.

To help her reach her philanthropic goals, she transferred her private foundation to Toledo Community Foundation. “I no longer need a financial planner or an accountant for my foundation. All of that is now done by the Foundation and I trust the staff to carry out my wishes.  

“It is much more efficient for me to work with the Toledo Community Foundation to handle all the details of my giving for me,” says Marilyn. 

“I need to do something that gives me goose bumps. There is no better way to show people you care than giving them birthday gifts. And women need cars to put their lives back together." 


“They researched my idea for the car program and we were able put it in place. I know they will help me find other needs in the community where I can help make a difference for women and children of abuse,” she adds.

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