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Toledo, Ohio, November 16, 2023 Greater Toledo Community Foundation (GTCF) is excited to announce, as part of its 50th anniversary celebration, it will be lighting the Anthony Wayne Trail Gateway to the City in honor of the holidays.

At this time also, it will be kicking off the Toledo Giving Tree Project. Community members can visit and find a list of nonprofit organizations to whom they can donate this holiday season. The listed nonprofits cover many areas of concern for our community: animal welfare, arts & culture, education, environmental/conservation, health & human services and others.

The commercial grade LED holiday lights will be donated to the City of Toledo so that they can be used again next year. (L Photo credit: Artisha Lawson)

Over the past year, GTCF has been celebrating its 50th anniversary by distributing an additional $600,000 in funding to local nonprofit organizations. This is in addition to an annual average grant distribution of approximately $18M. The Giving Tree event will end a 12-month campaign called, “Fifty Years of Funding Futures,” along with a yearlong calendar of community events and programs centered on honoring the past, celebrating the present and equipping future generations for continued community impact.

“Fifty years ago, we never could have imagined how many futures we would fund. Today, we are humbled by the immense difference we’ve made. And we’re honored to have celebrated this momentous occasion with the yearlong calendar of events and programs across our community,” said Keith Burwell, president of GTCF. “It’s been a great year, and we are hoping that everyone will remember the work of the Foundation in building community and assisting with the critical issues we face.”

In addition to the many grants given by the Foundation, GTCF serves as a key community leader working with a wide range of partners to address current and emerging challenges and issues. As a provider of philanthropic services to individuals, families, businesses, private foundations and other nonprofit organizations, GTCF strives to help donors make gifts to meet vital community needs.

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