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Toledo Community Foundation


Toledo Community Foundation, Inc. is a public charitable organization created by citizens of our community to enrich the quality of life for individuals and families in our service area.  The Foundation serves Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan with a particular emphasis on the greater Toledo area.  Grants from unrestricted funds support a variety of programs in the fields of education, social services, physical and mental health, neighborhood and urban affairs, natural resources and the arts.


How to Apply

Specific grant guidelines and grant application forms are provided for each grant opportunity as each fund supports a unique area.  Only proposals submitted using the Foundation’s online application process will be considered.  No hard copies will be accepted.  Proposals, including all required attachments, must be received by midnight of the application deadline date in order to be considered for funding.  Organizations are only required to submit due diligence documents (board list, most recent audit, etc.) once per calendar year, with the first grant application of the year.  Click here for the list of organizations who have due diligence on file with Toledo Community Foundation before you complete your grant application.

Prior to submitting a proposal, applicants are encouraged to call the Foundation at 419.241.5049.  The Foundation's program staff is available to answer questions you may have regarding the grant application process. Please review the Nonprofit FAQ for answers to common questions about the application process.


Open Funding Opportunities

The following grant opportunities are currently accepting proposals through the online application process.

Mud Hens-Walleye Transportation Fund

Deadline:    Date 10/1/2016   |   Time11:59 pm   |  
Provides support for transportation costs to schools and nonprofits to attend a Mud Hens baseball game or a Walleye hockey game.
For complete grant guidelines for accredited schools, click here.
For complete grant guidelines for nonprofit organizations, click here.

To apply click here

To return to an online application, click here.

First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund - Module Donation Program

Deadline:    Date 11/1/2016   |   Time11:59 pm   |   Grant Guidelines

Provides support by donating solar modules and systems to projects that share the First Solar Corporate giving values.

To apply click here

To return to an online application, click here.

First Solar Corporate Charitable Fund - Civic Engagement and Environmental Impact Grants

Deadline:    Date 11/1/2016   |   Time11:59 pm   |   Grant Guidelines

Provides support to projects and services that make a meaningful impact on "green" education initiatives, access to clean energy and water in underserved areas, and further development of innovative and sustainable technologies. 

To apply click here

To return to an online application, click here.

Fund for Islamic Understanding, Education and Dialog of the Toledo Community Foundation

Grant Guidelines
The Foundation seeks proposals to support projects, programs or services that provide education opportunities that promote a greater understanding of Muslims and the Islamic faith. Funds may also be used to support multi-faith events, if there is a significant emphasis on the Islamic faith. Proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a continual basis.

Please note:   The application deadline for this fund is rolling.  Applications are accepted at any time of the year.

To apply click here

To return to an online application, click here.


Upcoming Funding Opportunities

The following grant opportunities are closed.  To view previous guidelines and deadlines, follow the links provided.  Please note that guidelines and deadlines are subject to change from year to year.

Toledo Walleye Hockey Club's Wishing Well Fund

Provides support for programming that promotes overall fitness and wellness of children during cold weather months.  

To review previous guidelines, click here.

Andersons Fund Supporting Organization

Provides support for capital projects.

To review previous guidelines, click here.

Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club's Helping Hens Fund

Provides support for programming that promotes overall fitness and wellness of children enrolled in kindergarten through twelfth grade.

To review previous guidelines, click here.

Bill Rowles Youth Foundation Fund

Provides support to programs that enhance the lives of young people under the age of 18.

To review previous guidelines, click here.


Invite-only Opportunities

The following grant opportunities only accept proposals from nonprofit organizations that have been invited to apply for funding.  To learn more about the important work of these funds, please follow the links provided.

Oswald Supporting Organization

The Oswald Supporting Organization does not currently accept unsolicited grant proposals. Provides support to programs that further the growth of women and children of all ages.

To learn more click here

Reed Fund

The Reed Fund of the Toledo Community Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited grant proposals. Primarily provides support to programs that benefit the education, health and cultural activities of youth in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. This fund makes grants for seed money, general operations and equipment.

To learn more click here

Stranahan Supporting Organization

The Stranahan Supporting Organization does not currently accept unsolicited grant proposals. Provides support to programs that enhance access to education opportunities, health care and cultural opportunities.

To learn more click here


Grant Seeker FAQ

Click the questions to expand to see the answer:

Click here for a Printer Friendly version of the Grant Seeker FAQ

What is the amount of the average grant? [+]

There is a wide range in the amount of grants awarded. Grantees are encouraged to request the amount actually needed to successfully complete the proposed project.

Are grants funded over multiple years? [+]

It is unusual for a grant award to cover a period of several years; grant requests are generally funded for one year.

What types of requests are not funded? [+]

Areas generally not funded include individuals, computer hardware and software, vehicles, conferences, capital and research.

Can individuals apply for grants? [+]

No. The Foundation only makes grants to nonprofit organizations and not to individuals. However, if you are a student seeking scholarship assistance, click here to learn more about Toledo Community Foundation's scholarship offerings.

What do I do if I am having trouble submitting an application through the online application portal? [+]

If you have received an error message from the online application portal, please clear the “cookies” in your internet browser and try your submission again.  You may do this by following the instructions associated with your particular internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).  If this does not resolve the issue, you may contact Toledo Community Foundation by phone (419.241.5049) or e-mail at Anneliese@toledocf.org.   Please be advised that, while Foundation staff makes every effort to be available in advance of the grant deadline, we may be unable to help with requests made very near to the deadline.  We encourage you to contact us early if you have questions and to test your system well in advance of submission to ensure that you will have no technology issues. 

Can I call someone at the Foundation to inquire about my specific grant proposal? [+]

Specific questions regarding the grant application process should be directed to the program officer listed on the very bottom of the grant guidelines document associated with each funding opportunity.  General requests can be addressed to Anneliese Grytafey, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Grantmaking, at 419.241.5049 or email, Anneliese@toledocf.org.  We encourage first time and returning applicants to contact our Program Department staff to discuss proposals prior to submission.  While we cannot review draft proposals, we are happy to answer questions about the application process and provide general guidance on types of requests that each funding opportunity will consider.  

Where can I get assistance in writing a proposal? [+]

Toledo Community Foundation does not provide direct assistance with writing proposals, but The Center for Nonprofit Resources can connect you to training and individuals who provide the necessary guidance.  The Center for Nonprofit Resources conducts workshops on proposal writing, among other services.  Contact Heather L. Bradley, Director, or Toni Shoola, Associate Director, The Center for Nonprofit Resources, by email or call 419.241.9513. You can find a listing of the workshops currently being offered at www.c4npr.org.

How does an agency go about applying for a grant from the foundation? [+]

Toledo Community Foundation publishes a set of Guidelines or a Request for Proposals for each competitive grant opportunity. All prospective applicants must read this document carefully to determine whether the grant opportunity presents a “fit” for the specific project they have in mind. All prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the Program Officer listed on the bottom of the Guidelines or Request for Proposals document to discuss the proposal prior to application submission.  

If the applicant wishes to proceed, he or she should click the link under the grant opportunity that states “To apply, click here” to be taken to the Foundation’s online application portal. All applications must be submitted using this online application process.  

How long does it take from the time I submit a proposal until a decision is made? [+]

All grant applications are carefully reviewed by the Foundation's professional staff and Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets approximately 3-1/2 months subsequent to each deadline date to make funding decisions. Applicant organizations are notified, in writing, of approval/denial of funding requests within one week after the Board of Trustees takes action.

What are the Foundation’s current procedures regarding the collection of due diligence documents? [+]

Note that the Foundation’s procedures with regard to the collection of due diligence documents have changed over time. In an effort to reduce the paperwork burden for grant seekers, the Foundation currently collects the due diligence attachments one time per calendar year from organizations applying for competitive grants. What this means is that the first time an organization applies for a grant in the calendar year, all due diligence attachments must be uploaded and submitted through the online grant application portal. When an organization applies for any subsequent competitive grants during the calendar year, it is exempted from submitting these documents again. 

For example, if an organization’s first application for a competitive grant in the year 2016 is made on February 15, 2016, and the organization decides to apply for another grant later in the calendar year with a deadline of May 15, 2016, the due diligence attachments need only be submitted with the February 15, 2016 grant application. On January 1, 2017, the collection process will start over for all applicants and that organization would have to submit the due diligence attachments with their first grant application made in 2017.  

If you do not recall whether or not your organization has already submitted the due diligence documents for the current calendar year, check this page and look for the name of your organization. The Foundation updates this list throughout the year. If you see the name of your organization there, you do not need to submit these documents again. 

Please note that these documents must be submitted with a grant application. Please do not attempt to email, mail or drop off your due diligence documents. We do not accept these documents through any of those methods. Always keep in mind that any grant opportunity may require additional, non-due diligence attachments specific to that grant opportunity, such as the project budget.  

Is there a difference between a Request for Proposals (RFP) and Guidelines? [+]

No. These terms are used interchangeably to mean a set of instructions an applicant must consult to find all pertinent information about how to respond to a specific grant opportunity. The term “Guidelines” has historically been used at the Foundation to refer to a set of grant application instructions that are expected to remain roughly the same from year to year. The term “Request for Proposals” has historically been used to refer to a set of grant application instructions that may change each year or may be used one time for a special opportunity. Regardless of whether the document is called “Guidelines” or “Request for Proposals,” each prospective applicant must read the document very carefully to ensure that their grant application is responsive and complete.   

Additional Questions [+]

If you have additional questions about Toledo Community Foundation processes or giving options, you may also want to consult the content covered in our Donor/Fund and Advisor FAQs.


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